Speaking into
the future of our church


Speaking into
the future
of our church

Get to know our new elders

Harold Knop & Rachel Dick

jason wiebe & nicki gill

Why membership?

Being a Member gives you the ability to speak into the vision, purpose, direction, and practices unique to Trinity Church. Membership affirms your active participation and contribution to advancing God’s purposes through our church together. We believe that membership is important and if you call Trinity home, we encourage you to think about signing up, it’s not only easy but it’s for you.

Not sure if you're an existing member?

We have been undergoing a membership affirmation process that gives all members of Trinity Church an opportunity to re-visit the initial membership pledge that was signed. Whether you’ve been a member for decades or you just joined in the past year, we’re requiring all members to participate.

Trinity Basics

Are you new to Trinity?

Or have you been here a long time, but have never stopped to wonder ‘why Trinity’?

Join us for our Trinity Basics course that will introduce you to the history of Trinity, what we believe, and what 

we hope for as we experience life transformation together.

We’ll cover topics ranging from the Bible to Baptism, staff & leadership roles, as well as membership. 

*More dates to be announced in the future!

4 simple steps

The membership process


Complete the Membership Application


Participate in an interview with one or two Deacons


Commit to Trinity’s Membership Pledge


Be affirmed by the Trinity Leadership Team

Membership expectations


Understanding and receiving the saving grace of Jesus


Actively pursuing a lifelong process of spiritual growth


Sharing our lives with others in the community


Using our God-given gifts for the benefit of others


Giving a percentage of what has been given to us

speak into the future of trinity

Ready to share your voice?


A two day leadership experience designed to empower & inspire you to lead anywhere!

you're invited for baptisms, friends, & food on june 25th

Celebrate with us at Green Bay

Celebrate with us at Green Bay

Take the trinity church

Values Survey

We believe that God is doing great things at Trinity and we want to continue to move towards being the healthiest church we can be. Our goal will be to clarify the following questions:

1. What is our God-inspired mandate at Trinity (mission)?
2. What motivates us (values)?
3. Where are we going as a church (vision)?
4. What must we strategically focus on in the next few years?

WE want to hear from you

What is God doing in your life?