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We’re in the business of raising up world-changers who know Jesus intimately, and love people radically. From games and activities, to mentorship and worship, everything we do at TK is designed with your kids in mind. This isn’t Sunday babysitting; this is life changing and eternal impact made FUN! 



Birth - Age 2

Your infants will experience a time of play surrounded by a team of volunteers and staff who will teach and display Jesus’ love for them. 


Ages 2 - 5

Your toddlers will experience a fun environment designed to teach through song, story time, and crafts. Our time together is devoted to lesson time and worship to help prepare your littles as they grow and develop. 

Grade School

K - Grade 5

Your children will experience a time of worship and a message created specifically for their age group. Small-group time provides a unique and immersive learning environment designed just for your child. 

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Hi, we’re so excited you’re here! If you have children of any age, the best way to jump in is to register your family. We’ll send you Trinity Kids and/or Trinity Youth information, add your kids to our check-in system to make Sundays smoother, and give you a “Welcome to Trinity!” gift. We’re looking forward to meeting you! 

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Frequently asked questions

Every Sunday with TK is intentionally crafted to be age specific. This includes a variety of experiences including large group story time, worship, small group discussion, crafts, group games, and activities.  

Yes! If our team needs to contact you mid-service, a number will appear on the screens in the main auditorium. Parents with children in the Nursery will receive a pager.  

When your child is checked in for Trinity Kids, 2 sticker labels are printed with matching codes. One label is a name tag that stays with your child, the other is a parent tag that is given to whoever is doing the drop-off. The matching code is what ensures that every child goes home with the right adult!  

Another adult can pick up your child if they have the matching parent tag either physically with them, or a picture on their phone.  

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