Summer 2024 is looking bright!

Summers at Trinity always involve getting up to some Summer Stuff, and this year, we’ve got stuff for the whole family!


Our heart behind Summer Stuff has always been to partner with families; to create experiences that help families grow stronger and to create meaningful, lasting memories together! Last July, 250 kids joined us for one week of the Summer Stuff Day Camp experience at Trinity. And this year, we‘re planning to do “Summer Stuff” all summer long! 
Everything is going to look different this summer! While a traditional day camp is not on our radar this summer (we’ve got some dreams and plans we’re exploring for the future!), our “Summer Stuff” camp experience will still be happening in a few different ways.

Every Sunday is
Summer Stuff in Trinity Kids

No need to register or think about drop off and pick up during the week. Just show up for one of our regular service times, check in your child, and get ready to hear all about their morning experience for the rest of the day!

Summer Stuff is
family-wide, all summer long!

Your family, your neighbours, your roommate, and the new friends that you haven’t even met yet are ALL invited to join us as we do Summer Stuff in new ways every week. Whether it’s a family hangout on the beach, a city-wide challenge, a BBQ and experience at Trinity, or an activity crafted with all ages in mind, every week will have a new weekly goal of Summer Stuff to accomplish! Get out into the city we love, make memories as a family, and discover a community that courageously follows Jesus together.  
Everyone’s invited (& it’s free!). Register now to join in on the fun and to receive your weekly summer challenge! 

The Servant Leadership Program here at Trinity has been an enormous staple of our youth calendar these last couple years. At SLP, students get the opportunity to receive leadership training and mentorship that helps them discover their gifts and leadership callings, on top of having the best summer ever! With Summer Stuff looking different this year, SLP will also have a new, but familiar, look. 

We are excited to host the SLP overnighter experience in June before Summer kicks off. This is a can’t miss event of training, team building, and dreaming about what leadership looks like for us now and in the future. We will have SLP University digital training, worker bee days, helping out at Summer Stuff Sundays, and more!


To shake things up, this year’s week-long SLP experience in July will be outward-focused; we are looking beyond our doors and into our community. We will spend our mornings together experiencing intentional leadership development training before spending our afternoons off campus serving our city together. With a variety of service opportunities, each student gets the chance to discover what they’re passionate about and where God might be calling them in the future.  

Our week-long serve experience is also coming back! Together we will: 

  • Serve our city practically 
  • Grow in our spiritual walks 
  • Develop irreplicable leadership skills  
  • Discover new gifts and talents and dream about how we can use them in the future 
  • Build friendships and a community that lasts

Frequently asked questions

Firstly: We’re going family-focused! We LOVE to create experiences and opportunities that allow your family to connect, make memories, and grow stronger, together! We believe that if we can partner with parents to help you write the best possible story for your family – the impact you’ll experience will be that much more meaningful!  

Secondly: There are a lot of factors that make it challenging for our team to offer Summer Stuff as a day camp experience this year.  

1) One of the big reasons we do camp in the first place is to reach families in our city who aren’t connected to our church, or to any faith community! It’s an incredible opportunity for us to engage kids and families who might never walk through our door on a Sunday morning to experience a community who loves them and can introduce them to Jesus! That said – last year, Summer Stuff sold out quickly during our early bird rates. Don’t get us wrong, we love having our Trinity families’ part of the experience and know families from other great churches love it too! However, that meant that we were limited in how many families from our community were able to attend, with 76% being families already connected to a church, and just 24% from the community. We’re dreaming up some exciting possibilities for the future that would serve both our families and create more opportunities for families from all over our city to be part of Summer Stuff! 

2) Last summer, it took 142 rockstar volunteers to run 1 week of Summer Stuff day camp. We are so thankful for each one! And a bit of an inside look… up until the week before, we weren’t sure we were going to be able to run camp. We’re finding that volunteer availability for a full-day, week-long camp experience is challenging as most people (understandably!) are working full-time. We’re finding that people have amazing hearts and want to serve families and we believe we can find new and meaningful ways to partner together to do that! 

3) The same small staff team that runs our summer Sundays for Trinity Kids also play roles in our summer student leadership program, AND are the ones who execute day camp from start to finish. We love our team, we’re believing God for big things in the year ahead. And we also want to ensure that we care for (and don’t burn out!) some amazing people so we can continue to serve our kids and families all year round. 

It’s so easy! Register now to join in on the fun and to receive your weekly summer challenge! Everyone’s invited (& it’s free!)

That’s A-ok! We’ve designed it so that you can jump in every week that works for your family! If you’re away for a week or two, no problem, jump right back in when you’re back!  

Our Servant Leadership Program (SLP) for Grades 6-12 is happening this summer and we’re currently accepting applications! At SLP, students get the opportunity to receive leadership training and mentorship that helps them discover their gifts and leadership callings, on top of having the best summer ever!  
SLP includes an overnight training event, prep days and involvement in Summer Stuff Sundays, and a week-long serving experience with all kinds of` leadership development along the way! For more info and to apply today, head to:  

There are great day camps offered across our city! For example, our friends over at Green Bay Bible Camp run day camp all summer long for grades 1-6. Our team will be popping over to hang out at Green Bay throughout the summer and many of our families love attending Family Camp each year too! For more info on Green Bay’s day camps and to register head to: 

YES! Gather some friends, your roommate, or your small group and dive into the weekly challenges and experiences together! Everyone is welcome and we get to be family, together! 

Be a part of the fun all summer long!

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